Venetian Window Shades: Installation, Measurement and Maintenance

Venetian Blinds, How to measure

Measurement for new blinds is a complex process. You can use the quick guide below. You will need a paper clip, pencil and a measuring tape (preferably a metallic one). You can see blinds illawarra for more information.

What should I measure?

Most blind suppliers want the measurement in millimetres.

You can measure…

Window recess and window frame are common window locations. Venetian Blinds of all types can be attached to your window frames or walls, or placed into the top window recess. This allows you to control your blind’s positioning.

Measure the distance between two points:

You must have sufficient depth for the Venetian Blind to be installed inside of the window frame. It is recommended that you use 50mm. Anything less may result in your blind sticking out. Consider installing your face-fit blind outside if there is less than 50mm.

1) Take the measurement of the space between wall and wall. This is the area where brackets will be attached. Please measure 3 different widths to check that all areas are similar in size and to avoid bulges which will interfere with the blind’s operation. Note the shortest dimension. It is best to remove 10mm per side. That will give you flexibility in case your walls change and also prevent your blind from getting damaged. To cover your entire window, we recommend fitting the blind on to the glass face.
In order to determine the length of the drop you need to take the measurement starting at the top.
5) Note down the measuring.

You can use the following to get a measurement of the width and height of your head:

1) Measuring the exact width where you wish to place your blind is important. If you want to be sure that the blind is as tight and private as possible, then add an extra 50-100mm of overlap around the window.
Notation: 2) Measure the distance.
3) Measuring the drop between where your blind will be placed and its lower end.
Take note of the length.

But remember…

Please ensure you subtract 10mm per side from the width of all recesses.
You should measure at least twice before you start to be sure that there is no error.
It is important to note which side the controls will be on so they are easy to access.
If you want to be certain that your product will fit perfectly, make sure you take all obstructions (like window handles) into account when measuring.
Measure the height at which you want to install your full-length window. There will be enough clearance to allow the rail to move.
Please remember that when you install the Venetian Blind, it is important to keep the blind raised by at least 250mm from the frame. The mechanism will then be able to remove as much glass possible. If you have blinds over doors or windows, it’s important that they allow light to enter the room.

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