The Feminine & Masculine Energy: Balancing your energies

You feel relaxed, softened and surrendered. Are you not feeling very well? It’s not very?

When women try to “do it” all, they lose power and creativity.

Women are afraid that feminine energy will make them less powerful or less capable.

Even women who express a strong desire to be empowered by their femininity, when faced with stress, tend to default into masculine mode. You can try here.

In defining success, there is one concept that I feel is rarely discussed: the importance of finding a balance between your own masculine AND feminine energy.

Your feminine power is the place where you can express your creativity, intuitive abilities, emotions and wishes. It is your masculine energies that are concrete, logically, linearly, goal-oriented and structured.

In the end, maintaining an equilibrium between these two energies will help you to create your wealth as well as your life’s purpose.

The pendulum is often a swing that I observe in women: Either they “become man” by investing too much masculine energy, or they choose to remain in abstraction, focusing on only the feminine aspect of themselves and not achieving what they want.