Blood Types and Your Future: Trading Blood Types

As a broker, I am able to witness the experience of many different traders, all with unique personalities, schedules and capital. They trade on a wide range of markets

We aren’t talking medically here, but the metaphorical meaning is the same. Once you get used to it, it shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out what type of trading is most suitable for an individual. This can be done by taking into consideration the personality traits of that trader.

Discovering Blood Types and Trading Diet

In trading, just as there is not a perfect plan for everybody, the same goes for diets. Assess your personality first before making any decisions. As an example, do you have a tendency to hesitate or act on impulse? What about being patient or irritable? It’s important to identify both your positive and negative traits. Ask someone close you for help in pinpointing these personality advantages and disadvantages. Keep a strong skin.

If you want to know more about your personality traits, consider keeping a trading log. It will allow you to focus in on the specifics and see how these traits impact your trading. You can’t just understand yourself, you have to know how it will affect your trading. The patience you have with your child is a good thing, but the patience required to deal with a loss is not. The use of a journal allows the trader to evaluate winning and unsuccessful trades. This helps them identify the key factors behind their success. You should also consider your time and financial resources after examining the inner qualities. You should not fool yourself when you consider your time and capital available for trading. You should also consider your trading style and how you manage risk. Check out the market or markets that you are currently trading. Also, check the trading style you have chosen and your time frame. Do you have the risk capital or personal time schedule to trade this particular market? They are they right for you?

It is important to assess yourself before deciding on the trading diet. We’ll start by defining the various trading blood types.