Use Promotional Items to Promote Your Business

Giving promotional products to your current customers will help you build long-term relationships. These items will help you create new clients by generating word-of mouth publicity from existing customers. As a gift when someone purchases certain products or services, they will help you increase sales. They will also encourage your existing customers to return. Read more now on promotional products.

A “freebie” to a customer can make a big difference. Your Auto Parts Store is starting the new calendar year and you’d like to make it a memorable one. Your store announces a special on “X” for January (or whatever special you’d like to run). This can be on a popular product, something inexpensive, or on a product they might buy several times over the course of the year.

You can let your clients know you’re offering them a freebie with each transaction. Then, when the customer spends enough money or buys this product, they get a Collapsible Can Coolie, which has both your company name and logo, along with current NASCAR Schedule, printed on it. Now, what happened?

Your customer is likely to have bought a new product, service, or spent a few dollars more than they had planned when they first walked into your store. It’s an “upsell” that you did without pressing your client.

The second thing is that you have given away something your customer can use for the entire race season. In many cases they will be able to keep it for even longer, since the product is not just for racing. It means that your customers and other possible clients see your company name and logo each time they are using the Can Coolie. You are getting more free advertising.

This will make your customer excited to come back to the store and receive a cool new gift. He or she may even invite a friend to join them to pick up an extra present for themselves, or as a gift to another person. It could be for a “February Special”, Valentines Specials, or any other occasion. The customers love getting something free. Especially when they had planned to purchase something at your store. You can encourage your existing customers to come back again.