Portuguese Water Dog Puppy, What A Great Pet!

Portuguese Water Dogs are a loyal, intelligent breed. Their name comes from their love for water. The dogs are friendly, affectionate, and have stable temperaments. The pups of this breed are obedient but also have an excellent sense of humor. They love to be the center of attraction. Visit our website and learn more about Registered Portuguese water dog puppies.

Also, this breed is intelligent, courageous, and easy to train. Portuguese Water Dogs are eager to learn and can quickly grasp your instructions. You will find that they are happy to follow your commands if you show a calm, consistent authority. They are intelligent people, and they will try to “be the boss” if you don’t seem to have more strength than them.

They get along well with most animals and are great with children. It is important that they get to know your pet cat to prevent problems.

Portuguese Water Dogs are excellent guard dogs with a keen sense of smell. However, they also love to gnaw. The puppies in particular have an active appetite for chewing, so always keep something handy for them.

As an adult, the Portuguese Water Dog can grow to be about a medium size. Their coats may vary from being wavy or flat to having a tight or open curl. These dogs can be any color: white, gray, black or silver fox. They also come in parti-colored coats (white with dark spots).

The dogs are excellent swimmers because they spend so much time swimming.

It is possible that this breed can suffer from hip dysplasia or PRA. Portuguese Water Dog puppies should always be tested for GM-1 Storage Disease. This fatal nerve disorder will show up when a puppy reaches the age of six months. Your pet can live up to 14 years if it is healthy.

If you suffer from allergies, this is the breed for you. It sheds very little hair. Portuguese Water Dogs are also not as prone to shedding, so they don’t require frequent grooming.

Male dogs will weigh between 42 and 45 pounds and reach a height of 20 to 22 inches. Your female pet should reach a height of 17-20 inches, and weigh anywhere between 35-49 pounds.

Although this may seem like a lot of space for an apartment, if you regularly provide your dog with exercise it should do fine. This water dog is active indoors, and prefers living in an apartment to a backyard.

Consider all the qualities of a Portuguese Water Dog before making a final decision.