Which Is Better For Sagging Eyeslids, A Browlift Or Blepharoplasty?

It is an eyelid procedure that is performed with great success by hundreds of thousands each year eyelid surgery portland. This procedure removes the excess skin from the upper lids and the lower eyelids. People look at the eyes as the window of the soul. They are also the second most important facial characteristic when deciding whether someone is aesthetically pleasing. As with dark circles under the eyes that look “raccoon like”, sagging eyelids that may be caused by gravity or less than ideal genes are seen as signs of lack of sleep.

People with vibrant and youthful eyes are often perceived as being younger, which is a cultural obsession today. They may also be perceived as having more energy, as well as being fitter, healthier and sexier. It is because our eyes are so expressive that they can show when someone hasn’t had a good night of sleep for only a couple nights. No-one wants their eyes to make them look older (and some people even want to appear younger) and they don’t want to seem tired or lack energy. Blepharoplasty may be the most effective way for many adults to return to a younger-looking appearance.

Most surgeons will recommend browlifts rather than blepharoplasty when correcting sagging eyes, especially if the problem is due to ageing. It is because the eyebrows on both men and women “should” be shaped in certain ways for maximum aesthetic and sexual appeal, and that the combination between the brows and the eyes makes a strong impact. The brow lift has been deemed overdone by many surgeons. You may have seen many celebrities with browlifts who seem to be in a constant state of shock, as if the person has just been through a terrible ordeal or done something very embarrassing.